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M6 6 mm Flat Washer for Mini Toggle Switches
by GTM


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These M6 / 6 mm Flat Washers are commonly used with mini toggle switches and are handy spares for lost or damaged parts, mount under the nut to prevent damage to the scratchplate or guitar body when tightening up the nut. These are designed to fit over metric 6 mm threads, mini toggle switches commonly come with 1/4-40 imperial threads which are approximately 6.2 mm in diameter, these washers are a tight fit over this thread and while they do fit the imperial toggle switches we have checked, we cannot guarantee the fit on anything other than 6 mm metric.


Handy flat washers for spares
Prevents damage to scratchplates/guitar body when tightening switch nuts
Fits M6 / 6 mm metric threads used on some mini toggle switches

Tech Specs

Outer Diameter 9.8 mm (0.38")
Inner Diameter 6.3 mm (0.24")
Manufacturer Part Number 2738