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ResoMax Sonic 1 One Piece Wraparound Bridge
by Graph Tech


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Chrome Nickel


The Graph Tech Resomax Sonic 1 One Piece Wraparound Bridge is made from their lightweight alloy designed to have your guitar bursting with harmonics. The bridge body magnetically locks to the steel bridge posts ensuring it stays in place when changing strings. The built in string slots individually intonate each string and there are also allen/hex screws behind the bridge posts that can be adjusted to move the whole bridge backwards and forwards and also slant it to add more compensation to heavy bass strings. The bridge posts have a slot in the top to allow easy height adjustment from above the bridge and have an imperial 5/16-24 threaded (Gibson spec) bridge posts and body anchors/bushings and fits the standard Gibson 82 mm (3 1/4") post spacing.


Graph Tech Sonic 1 Wraparound is made from their lightweight Resomax alloy
Bridge magnetically locks to steel posts to keep it in place during string changes
Easy height adjustment above bridge using slotted bridge posts
Compensated string slots improves intonation over plain tailpiece style
Hex screws move the whole bridge forward and backwards to aid intonation
Fits standard Gibson post spacing
5/16-24 Imperial thread bridge posts and bushings (standard Gibson spec)

Tech specs

Radius 12"
String Spacing 52.4 mm (2.06")
Post Spacing 82 mm (3.25")
Manufacturer Part Number PM-8595-N0
UPC-A 702725243310

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