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ABRL-59 Tone Lock Bridge ABR-1 Style
by Faber


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Gold Aged/Relic Gold Nickel Aged/Relic Nickel
Plated Brass Saddles


The Faber ABRL-59 Tone Lock Bridge is a vintage style 'no wire' ABR-1 bridge that locks directly to the bridge posts in the guitar body for improved sustain, vibration transfer and tone.

The Tone Lock bridge slots on to the existing bridge posts and the height is adjusted using the thumbwheel as normal, when the height is set the locking sleeves thread on to the posts from above and clamp down on the top of the bridge, locking it to the thumbwheel and bridge posts, not only improving vibration transfer but eliminating rattles and any chance of the bridge falling off during string changes or the height adjustment accidentally being changed.

The Tone Lock Bridge requires ABR-1 style threaded bridge posts to allow the locking sleeves to work, two sets of locking sleeves are included with the bridge, a 4 mm metric set and a 6-32 imperial set. So the Tone Lock Bridge will directly retrofit on to a guitar with a Gibson ABR-1 bridge but not a Gibson Nashville bridge as this has smooth bridge posts, to replace a Nashville style bridge you will also need to replace the bridge posts with 1 of the following options:

To replace just the USA Nashville bridge posts use the Faber NSWKIT.

To replace USA and Schaller Nashville body anchor studs use the Faber iNsert Kit.

To replace just the metric Epiphone/Gotoh/etc style bridge posts use the Faber BSWKIT.

To replace large Epiphone/Gotoh/etc style body anchor studs use the Faber E-Sert Kit.

Please note the Faber Tone Lock Bridge does not come with any bridge posts included.


Locking posts improve vibration transfer, eliminates rattle and keeps it fixed during string changes
2 Sets of locking nuts included for both imperial and metric threads
Removable, machined saddles are individually intonatable
10.4 mm String spacing
12" Saddle radius (305 mm)
Included adjustment tool
Adjustment posts and body studs NOT included

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number 3031-5

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Great bridge for stability tuning

Upgrading guitar hardware

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