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iNsert Nashville Conversion Studs
by Faber


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The Faber iNsert kit features 2 steel conversion posts with a 7 mm bottom section and a 4 mm top thread to convert guitars with USA Nashville style bridges to an ABR-1 style bridge. The threaded top section enables you to install a Faber Tone Lock Bridge.

The 7 mm bottom section is designed to completely replace the body anchor stud used by manufacturers of USA Nashville style bridges (Schaller, TonePros etc) that you find on guitars like the modern Gibson Les Paul.

For installation the Kit includes a 5 mm bolt, this is used to thread through the Nashville body stud and when it pushes against the bottom of the hole it will push the stud up and out of the guitar, and also a metal sleeve, this slots on to the stud over the threaded top section and a hammer or press is used against the sleeve to push the stud in to the guitar body.


7 mm Bottom section and a 4 mm top thread
Convert a Nashville equipped guitar to an ABR-1 style bridge
One piece steel studs improve vibration transfer to guitar body
Designed to replace body studs of USA style Nashville equipped guitars
Allows installation of a Faber Tone Lock Bridge
Includes a 5 mm bolt and metal sleeve for installing the studs in to the guitar body
Made in Germany

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 3116