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B5 Pinless / String Through Vibrato Tremolo Tailpiece
by Bigsby


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The Bigsby B5 Pinless / String Through Vibrato Tremolo Tailpiece makes it easier to restring your guitar, simply thread the strings through the holes in the bar (towards the back of the guitar) and then wrap them over the bar as normal.

The Bigsby B5 'horseshoe' is a vibrato tailpiece designed for flat top guitars like Gibson SGs, Rickenbacker 325s, Fender Telecasters etc. and allows you to produce smooth and subtle tremolo/vibrato effects (depressing the arm 1/2" will lower the tone around 1/2 a tone), the string mounting bar rotates on low friction bearings ensuring the guitar returns to pitch. The arm swivels on its mount and so can be moved out the way if needed, it is held under tension and so stays in place when moved. Bigsby vibratos were the first successful design of tremolo/vibrato units and they have been producing the iconic designs for over 50 years, the B5 is still sand cast in the USA from lightweight aluminium and the whole unit is only 287g (10.1 oz).

Bigsby vibratos can be fitted without modifying the guitar by using Vibramate parts which we stock as separate items.


Bigsby B5 Pinless / String Through Vibrato Tailpiece design makes it easier to restring your guitar
Iconic and original vibrato designs
Designed for flat top guitars like a Gibson SG, Rickenbacker 325, Fender Telecaster etc.
Smooth and subtle vibrato effects
Arm swivels away and stays in place when repositioned
Sandcast frame from lightweight aluminium with a stainless steel handle / tremolo bar
Mounting screws included
Made in the USA

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number 1804952575
UPC-A 885978317714

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