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LockMeister, Double Locking Tremolo String Retainer Bar
by Schaller


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The Schaller Tremolo String Retainer Tension Bar is commonly used with Floyd Rose style double locking tremolo systems to angle the strings down behind the nut so they contact the whole surface of the locking nut before clamping. If there is not enough headstock angle and the strings aren't flat against the locking nut surface they will go sharp as the locking nut is tightened and pulls the strings down, correcting this with the fine tuners uses up some of their range for later adjustments. The bar has a round bottom and slight radius to minimise friction on the strings.

Schaller are the manufacturers of the Floyd Rose Original double locking tremolo, Schaller spare parts are likely to be a perfect replacement for most Floyd Rose Original, Special and 1000 Series tremolo parts.


Schaller String Retainer is used with double locking tremolos to angle strings down behind the nut
Keeps strings from being pulled sharp when the locking nut is tightened
Maximises available range of the fine tuners
Made in Germany
2 Year warranty

Tech specs

Width 48 mm (1.9")
Screw Spacing 29 mm (1.14")
Manufacturer Part Number 20190200

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