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Signum Metric Locking Wraparound Tailpiece Posts & Bushings
by Schaller


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The Schaller Signum Metric Locking Wraparound Tailpiece Posts & Bushings can be used to keep wraparound tailpiece bridges level and ensure maximum sound transmission to the guitar body.

Standard tailpiece studs have a fixed top and bottom lip that the wraparound sits into, the space between the lips is rarely a perfect fit and so the wraparound will lean forward under string tension, with the Schaller Signum posts the bottom lip is replaced with a locking nut that can be tightened against the bottom of the bridge to remove any extra space once the tailpiece is in place, ensuring it can't lean forward. To use loosely snug the nut up to the bottom of the bridge, then set the bridge height for the desired action and then tighten the locking nut against the bottom of the bridge. This metric version has an M8/8 mm thread that is used on almost all tailpiece posts on guitars made in Asia (Epiphone, PRS SE, ESP/LTD, Schecter etc.), we also stock imperial posts as a separate item (for guitars made in the USA like the Gibson Les Paul Junior, PRS Core McCarty etc.). They come as a set of two posts/studs and body bushings/anchors.


Schaller Signum Locking posts keep the bridge level and gives maximum sound transmission to the body
Metric studs have the standard 8 mm thread used on guitars made across Asia (Epiphone, PRS SE etc.)
Set of 2 posts and bushings
Made in Germany
2 Year warranty

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number 22200200

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