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FCH-3 Original Series Epiphone 3 Point Style Bass Bridge
by Babicz


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The Babicz FCH-3 Original Series Epiphone / Gibson 3 Point Style Bass Bridge is a drop in replacement and features their patented eCAM saddles. The bridge has recesses on the underside to sit over Epiphone body bushings which have a lip that sits slightly proud of the body surface so the bridge can sit tight against the bass guitar body.

The bass string sits on their specially shaped 'encapsulated cam' which when adjusted, rotates in the housing smoothly changes the action of the string up or down, because the cam is fully supported by the saddle housing the connection between the string and the guitar body is greatly increased, maximising sound transmission. A separate screw locks the height adjustment of the saddle in place and another locks the saddle to the base plate after intonation has been set, ensuring maximum stability, no sideways movement and no possible buzzing. The bridge is made from lightweight aluminium, comes with an 1/8" shim plate should you need a higher action and the top loading strings mount through the back of the bridge for quick and easy restringing. The bridge comes with metric M8 / 8 mm threaded bridge posts for Epiphone or other Asia made basses with 3 point bridges. We also have the Gibson version with imperial threaded studs and no recesses for flush body bushings available as a separate item.


Babicz FCH-3 Original Series Epiphone 3 Point Bass Bridge features their patented eCAM saddles
Saddle design ensures largest possible string to body connection, maximising sound transmission
Bridge has recesses on the underside to sit over Epiphone bushings with a lip above the body surface
Individually intonatable and height adjustable saddles
Screws lock string height and saddle to base plate
Made from lightweight aluminium
Retrofits Epiphone 3 point bass bridges
Metric 8 mm threaded studs fit Epiphone and other basses made in Asia
All mounting hardware included
3 Year warranty

Tech specs

String Spacing 17.4 mm (0.69")
Manufacturer Part Number FCH3PTEPICH

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