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Nanoweb Nickel Plated Steel Electric Guitar Strings
by Elixir


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Elixir Nanoweb Nickel Plated Steel Electric Guitar Strings deliver a bright, lively tone together with the extended life that players have come to expect from Elixir Strings.

Elixir coat the entire string (not just the windings) to protect it from dirt and grim corroding the string resulting in an extended string life, the Nanoweb coating is designed to feel and sound as close as possible to a new uncoated string.


Nanoweb coating sounds and feels like new uncoated strings and extends their life
Elixir are the only brand to coat the entire string, not just the windings
Smooth feel that is easy on your fingers and enhances playability
Reduced finger squeak, good for both performance and recording
Anti-Rust plated plain steel strings resist corrosion ensuring longer life for entire set

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number 12052
UPC-A 733132120529

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