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25K Audio Taper Guitar Pot/Potentiometer for EMG & Active Pickups
by CTS


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Imperial (inch)


This CTS 25K Audio Taper Guitar Potentiometer is built to our custom specs to give you a high quality, full size pot for your active pickups from the industry standard manufacturer.

Active pickups like EMG, Seymour Duncan Blackouts and Fishman Fluence require 25 k Ohms resistance potentiometers but these pickups normally come with mini pots and so we've made these full size pots available as an upgrade. We specified these directly with CTS to have the threaded shaft and knob mounting shaft made from brass for durability and with a tighter 10% tolerance.

These are imperial spec potentiometers so the threaded shaft has a 3/8" imperial thread (requires a 3/8" or 9.5 mm diameter hole in the guitar body) and the knob mounting shaft has fine 24 spline mounting for imperial sized knobs with splines. You can use metric dome knobs that have a set screw and a smooth interior with no splines on these pots, simply line up the set screw with the split in the shaft and tighten the screw. These have a regular length threaded shaft and a mounting nut, lock washer and flat washer are included (to use with a scratchplate an additional nut will be required and installed before mounting to the scratchplate to reduce the length of the threaded shaft showing above the scratchplate).


25K Ohms for use with active electronics like EMG, Seymour Duncan Blackouts and Fishman Fluence
High quality, full size potentiometer made to our custom specs by industry leaders CTS
Logarithmic audio taper potentiometer
Tight 10% resistance tolerance
Fits fine 24 spline imperial knobs and smooth interior no spline metric knobs with set screws
Durable brass 3/8" imperial threaded shaft and knob mounting shaft
Robust construction and smooth feel
Proprietary anti-static lubrication
All mounting hardware included

Tech specs

Threaded Shaft Length 12.7 mm (0.5")
Threaded Shaft Diameter 9.5 mm (0.37")
Manufacturer Part Number GTM CTS A25

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