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GE1996T Double Locking Tremolo with GHL-2 Nut
by Gotoh


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Block Size
33 mm 36 mm 40 mm
Chrome Gold Black Cosmo Black


Gotoh's GE1996T is their take on the 'Floyd Rose' double locking tremolo and it is considered one of the best tremolos available, with ultimate tuning stability provided by the locking nut, locking saddles and fine tuners. This bridge features steel saddles for clarity and response with a brighter tone than brass, they feature a slightly curved top to provide hand comfort while playing. The studs can be locked in to their body anchors to give the most transmission of sound to the body. The tension holding the tremolo arm can be adjusted via a set screw in the bridge. We have the GE1996T tremolo available in three different sustain block depths, the standard 40 mm, a 36 mm and a shallower 33 mm for thinner guitar bodies.


The Gotoh GE1996T is considered one of the best double locking tremolos available
Comfortable curved top steel saddles for clarity, brightness and response
Ultimate tuning stability and control from the locking nut, locking saddles and fine tuners
Top mounting locking nut and string retainer included
Locking bridge studs eliminates loss of sound transmission to the body
Screw in tremolo arm has a tension adjuster to keep it in place
Brass sustain block available in 3 depths
Full bridge system includes studs, tremolo arm, springs, spring claw and screws
Made In Japan

Tech specs

String Spacing 54 mm (2.1")
Post Spacing 74 mm (2.9")
Manufacturer Part Number PGE1996TC-G2

Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5

Chris L. Verified Purchase

Great selection, dwith fast delivery!

Arrived exactly when stated and had everything I needed for a new project.

Would definitely shop with these guys again.

Reviewed ago

Georgios Z. Verified Purchase

Sleek looking tremolo system that seems quite durable

I've been curious about the Gotoh GE1996T trem for a while and I had read that it has the quality and durability of a Floyd Rose and it's almost half the price plus it comes with a brass block installed.
The trem replaced a Floyd Rose II system, which is not as good quality as an OFR or a FR1000. I had to get shorter string locking screws for the unit to fit, as the route is quite snage and don't want to make a lot of changes on the instrument for the time being. I did not use the superior posts unfortunately for the same reason, the Gotoh posts are larger and would require some work on the guitar.
The trem feels quite smooth and I don't feel much difference than the Floyd II or the Floyd Rose OFR and 1000 I have in other guitars. It sounds like the guitar has a bit more attack which is a good thing. I love the fact that the trem arm screws in and I can control how tight or loose it is. I don't have to constantly retighten the colar of the bar.
The springs are really tight bit one thing I noticed is that they may warble a bit more than other trems, as I do hear some more pitch movement if I pick a bit harder.
The two main things I'm not a fan of so far is that when the box arrived, there where a lot of loose pieces flying around, springs screws etc etc, in the box. The trem wasn't scratched luckily but that was a bit unexpected. The second thing, I'm guessing, has to do with the placement of the block on the trem or the size of the baseplate and where it sits. It seems on pull ups I'm not getting as much range as the Floyd's. Might have to do that the larger diameter posts would push the unit a bit back. So, while the trem fits in a Floyd Rose cavity and can use the posts, it might impact the pull up range.
I've given it 4 starts as I don't know yet how well it will perform and how long it will last. My regular OFR's, FR1000's and Edge Pro have been going strong for several years. The FR II unit on this guitar started coming apart a few tears back, I bought a replacement from Schaller (as I didn't know about the short screws back then) and it started breaking in parts that can't be replaced and will require a new baseplate. The unit seems quite robust and hopefully I won't have to change it for a 3rd time on this guitar!

Reviewed ago

Aaron H. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago

Owen D. Verified Purchase

Gotoh Bridges

Next to Scheller and Floyd Rose these are very good quality bridges and good value.

Reviewed ago

Lucille B. Verified Purchase

Excellent piece of kit

One of the posts came out of its packaging and was rattling around in the box which meant some of the gold plating came off the top of it and also the tremolo arm. Having said that, it's an excellent piece of kit, as good as Floyd Rose in my opinion. Made of premium steel and one of the knife edges is flat and not curved which is a benefit. This means if your post holes don't line up exactly with this trem, they will still fit.

Reviewed ago

Alex C. Verified Purchase

The best

No other brand offers a tremolo of this quality at this price and it’s nice that the whole system is included in the box.

Reviewed ago

Tom G. Verified Purchase


Fantastic kit - totally transformed a problem guitar into the absolute best playing and sounding guitar I own (there are many). Can’t wait to replace more tremolo systems with this Gotoh! Thank you gluedtomusic!

Reviewed ago

Alexander T. Verified Purchase

Fast delivery, excellent item

All went very well, will continue to purchase items from you.

Reviewed ago

byron h. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago

Neil S. Verified Purchase


Easily the best constructed Floyd replacement I’ve installed, fits perfectly and works flawlessly with zero play in the arm.

If I had one tiny gripe it’s that the upper “wing” with the flat knife edge is by design slightly narrower than the side the arm plugs in to which has left some of the cavity exposed but a solid hour of ridiculous dive bombing cured my OCD…

Reviewed ago