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510UB Wrap Around Bridge Tailpiece
by Gotoh


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The 510UB is a high quality, great looking bridge from Gotoh's flagship 510 range. The bridge is a wrap around tailpiece design with individually intonatable saddles, on top of that there is a set screw behind each of the bridge studs that can be adjusted to move the whole bridge backwards and forwards and also slant it to add more intonation room to heavy bass strings. The large bridge stud heads slot into the bridge holding it in place and introducing a large contact area for sound transmission from the bridge, the studs can also be locked in to their body anchors to give the most transmission of sound to the body.


Gotoh's highest quality 510 Series
10.4 mm String spacing
Strings anchor in wrap around tailpiece
Bridge studs heads slot in to the bridge for a large contact area to transmit sound to the body
Height adjustable locking bridge studs eliminates loss of sound transmission to the body
Individually intonatable saddles
The whole bridge can be moved forward and backwards separately to the saddles to aid intonation.
Stud retainer clips stop the bridge coming off the guitar during string changes
Metric M8 8mm studs included
Made In Japan

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 510UBCX