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ABRN-59 Vintage ABR-1 Tune-o-matic Bridge
by Faber

No Longer Available



The Faber ABRN-59 Tune-o-matic Bridge is a 50s vintage correct 'no wire' ABR-1 style bridge with the post spacing and hole size to match Gibson Nashville bridges (the ABRN will not fit ABR-1 or metric TOM posts). The saddles are machined from solid brass for excellent contact with the bridge and strings to efficiently transfer vibrations and sustain, with the Gibson 12" radius. The Faber ABRN is designed as an upgrade piece it comes as just the body, bridge posts are not included.

If you need to replace a Gibson ABR-1 spec Tune-o-matic we stock the Faber ABRH.

If you need to replace an 'import' metric Tune-o-matic we stock the Faber ABRM.


Machined brass saddles are removable and individually intonatable
12" Saddle radius (305 mm)
10.4 mm String spacing (52 mm E-e)
Bridge posts NOT included

Tech specs

Post Spacing 74.4 mm (2.94")
Post Hole Diameter 4.35 mm (0.17")
Manufacturer Part Number 3072

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