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BSWKIT Nashville Import Conversion Posts
by Faber


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The Faber BSWKIT steel conversion posts have an 8 mm bottom thread and a 4 mm top thread to convert a guitar with a Nashville style bridge to an ABR-1 style bridge. The threaded top section enables you to install a Faber Tone Lock Bridge and can be used in 2 ways,

The 8 mm threaded section will screw directly in to the larger style body anchor studs used by Gotoh and other metric 'import' guitar brands (Epiphone, Schecter, ESP/LTD etc) so there is no need to remove the body studs,

Alternatively if you have a Schaller or USA Nashville bridge installed (e.g. a modern Gibson Les Paul), you can remove the Nashville body stud and then tap the guitar body to accept the 8 mm thread directly in to the body wood, this provides a large mass post screwed directly in to the body wood and is Faber's preferred installation method for their Tone Lock Bridge, but requires modification (and should only be done by a professional guitar tech or luthier).

The kit includes 2, 4 mm nuts, these are threaded on to the top section and locked against each other, a spanner is then used on these to screw the post in to the body.


Steel posts with an 8 mm bottom thread and a 4 mm top thread
Convert a Nashville equipped guitar to an ABR-1 style bridge
Allows installation of a Faber Tone Lock Bridge
Directly screws in to large metric body studs
Includes 2, 4 mm nuts for installing the posts directly in to the guitar body
Made in Germany

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number 3047-3

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