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SG381 Traditional Magnum Locking Tuners 3 x 3
by Gotoh


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This set of 3 x 3 Gotoh SG381 locking tuners feature a 1:16 gear ratio for tuning up quickly and accurately. Gotoh's Magnum Locking system is operated by a traditional thumb screw on the back of the tuner for quick and easy string changes. The 'Rock-Solid' string post improves the tuning stability of the tuner and stays strong during bending and tremolo use, special elastic parts eliminate any rattle in the post and transmission of string vibration to the instrument is maximised. The tuners are completely sealed and permanently lubricated through Gotoh's 'Lubri-Coat' technology, a coating applied to the worm gear to ensure better contact between the worm and spur gear wheel, backlash is minimised and durability is increased. The 3 x 3 set has the screw attachment holes offset at a 45 degree angle to the tuner post, this set up is common on a lot of 3 x 3 headstock designs from Ibanez, Schecter, ESP, Jackson and PRS SE guitars.

The button shapes available are as follows:

  • 01 - This is a modern shape button for 3 x 3 headstocks
  • 20 - This is a bean shape button
  • 04 - This is a keystone/tulip shape button
  • 07 - This is a modern shape button for 6 in line headstocks (smaller than the 01 button, ideal for 12 string sets or paired with single tuners to create 4 x 3 sets for 7 string guitars)


High quality tuners as used by top Japanese guitar brands
Magnum Lock with traditional thumb screw locking for easy and quick string changes
3 x 3 Set has 3 left and 3 right handed tuners
Attachment screw is at a 45 degree angle to the tuner post
1:16 Gear ratio tunes up quickly while retaining accuracy
'Rock-Solid' string post eliminates rattle and stays strong during bending and tremolo use
'Lubri-Coat' is a lubricating coating applied to the worm gear for smooth meshing and durability
All mounting hardware included
Made in Japan

Tech specs

Tuner Post Hole Required 10 mm (0.39")
Distance Between Tuner Post and Screw Hole Centres 11 mm (0.43")
Manufacturer Part Number 07192GYTX

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Sebastian A. Verified Purchase

Solid machine heads

These keystone or tulip-like tuners are rock solid and aesthetically sharp. Less expensive and as awesome as Hipshot. Got all my guitars with Gotoh tuners and tuning is a breeze.

Reviewed ago

Martin B. Verified Purchase

Excellent shopping experience - more variety than most companies

I came across Glued to Music after a long fruitless search for the exact set of locking tuners I wanted. Many other places had similar tuners, but none that I looked at had this particular model except Glued to Music. Delivery was free and reasonably quick [could have been faster for a fee] and the packaging was secure and protective. Reasonably priced too. A recommended retailer!

Reviewed ago

Steve H. Verified Purchase

These are very high quality as usual from Gotoh

The locking tuners mean you only need a pair of hands (rather than three) to fit the strings (unless I’m doing it all wrong), so I’ve fitted these to the last 3 guitars I’ve made and can highly recommend them.

Reviewed ago

Anthony C. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago

JASON C. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago

Taylor M. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago