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GE103B Tune-o-matic Bridge
by Gotoh


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The Gotoh GE103B offers a great balance between Nashville and ABR-1 style Tune-o-matic bridges. The wider Nashville style body allows for more intonation adjustment in the saddles over the earlier narrow ABR-1 design, especially important for thicker strings, but with 4 mm threaded bridge posts for those that like them to thread directly into the body. The string saddles are built in to the bridge, so no need for a retainer wire to keep them attached when you restring. You can adjust the bridge height via the standard thumbwheel and the bridge posts are spaced 74 mm.


10.4 mm String spacing
12" Saddle radius (300 mm)
Height adjustable via thumbwheel
Integrated saddles are individually intonatable
4 mm threaded bridge mounting posts
Bridge mounting posts thread directly into guitar body
Mounting studs spaced 74 mm apart
Made in Japan

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number PGE-103BG

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