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SG381 Traditional Magnum Locking Single Tuner
by Gotoh


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We're offering single Gotoh SG381 Traditional Magnum Locking Tuners in right and left handed options to let you build custom sets for your guitar, for example pair 1 tuner with a 6 in line set to get a 7 in line set or pair it with a 3 x 3 set to get 4 x 3 etc. The orientation is in reference to a standard 6 in line set, so a right handed tuner would match a 6 in line right handed set, a left handed tuner would match a 6 in line left handed set, and a right handed player with a reversed headstock would need a left handed tuner to add to a 6 in line set. The tuner post height of these is 20 mm which is the same as any tuner in a standard Gotoh 3 x 3 locking set or the EAD strings of their standard staggered 6 in line set (posts for the GBE strings are 18.5 mm high in 6 in line), this allows you to easily match with either a 3 x 3 or add extra low strings to a 6 in line locking set.

The Gotoh SG381 tuners feature a 1:16 gear ratio for tuning up quickly and accurately. The Magnum Locking system is operated by a traditional thumb screw on the back of the tuner for quick and easy string changes. The 'Rock-Solid' string post improves the tuning stability of the tuner and stays strong during bending and tremolo use, special elastic parts eliminate any rattle in the post and transmission of string vibration to the instrument is maximised. The tuners are completely sealed and permanently lubricated through Gotoh's 'Lubri-Coat' technology, a coating applied to the worm gear to ensure better contact between the worm and spur gear wheel, backlash is minimised and durability is increased. These tuners have the screw attachment holes offset at a 45 degree angle to the tuner post, this set up is common on a lot of headstock designs from Ibanez, Schecter, ESP/Ltd, Jackson and PRS SE guitars.


High quality tuners as used by top Japanese guitar brands
Single tuners allow you to build custom sets
20 mm String post height matches with both 3 x 3 and 6 in line Gotoh sets
Magnum Lock with traditional thumb screw locking for easy and quick string changes
Attachment screw at 45 degree angle to the tuner post
1:16 Gear ratio tunes up quickly while retaining accuracy
'Rock-Solid' string post eliminates rattle and stays strong during bending and tremolo use
'Lubri-Coat' is a lubricating coating applied to the worm gear for smooth meshing and durability
All mounting hardware included
Made in Japan

Tech specs

Tuner Post Hole Required 10 mm (0.4")
String Post Height 20 mm (0.8")
Manufacturer Part Number 07221GYTX-L

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Owen B. Verified Purchase


Looks great, performs great, what more can you ask for!

Fast shipping as usual too, thanks Glued to Music!

Also for the record if you're buying these to replace stock Jackson Tuners like I was, they are drop-in replacements, you don't have to modify anything so very convenient.

Reviewed ago

Andrew B. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago