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GTM Nashville Tune-o-matic Bridge
by Schaller


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The Schaller GTM Bridge was the original Nashville Tune-o-matic installed on Gibson Les Paul guitars for many years, the wider body allows for more intonation adjustment in the saddles over the earlier narrow ABR-1 design, especially important for thicker strings. The bridge uses special retainer springs to prevent bridge rattle or string buzz and the saddles come without string notches to allow for custom string spacing. The bridge is supplied with 3 sets of bridge posts for ease of installation across different guitars, the standard Nashville style posts with the 5 mm bottom thread, a pair of posts with the larger 8 mm metric thread for screwing in to the body anchors on import guitars (ESP, Schecter etc.) and 4 mm metric ABR-1 style threaded posts and thumbwheels for direct mounting the posts directly in to the body wood.


High quality Nashville style tune-o-matic
14" Saddle radius (356 mm)
Height adjustable via thumbwheels
Saddles come without string notches to allow for custom string spacing
Individually intonatable saddles have special retainer clips to prevent rattles or string buzz
Nashville 5 mm, metric import 8 mm and 4 mm threaded bridge posts all supplied
Nashville body anchors supplied
Made in Germany
2 Year warranty

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 12090100
EAN/UPC 4036641450603