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TPI-A Steel Vintage 59 Gibson Style Tailpiece Anchors/Bushings
by Faber


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Imperial (inch)


These Faber TPI-A Tailpiece Anchor/Bushings are in the vintage Gibson 59 style (with a wider diameter than most modern bushings) and are made from steel and provide a solid connection between tailpiece and guitar body. The bushings come in two different thread styles, the imperial version has the standard Gibson 5/16-24 imperial thread to accept the tailpiece posts used on Gibson USA guitars and PRS Core guitars and the metric version has 8 mm threads to accept the tailpiece posts used on 'import' guitars made in Japan and across Asia (Epiphone, PRS SE, ESP/LTD, Schecter etc).


Vintage Gibson 59 style tailpiece body bushings
Made from steel
Imperial version has Gibson standard 5/16-24 imperial thread
Metric version has 8 mm thread for Epiphone and other 'import' guitars
Made in Germany
Set of 2

Tech Specs

Diameter 13 mm (0.51")
Length 22 mm (0.87")
Manufacturer Part Number TPI-I-INA